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Teeth whitening

When looking at old photos have you noticed that you used to have much more whiter teeth then now? 

We have a solution for this! Get your shiny white teeth back to life.

We have more then 20 years teeth whitening experience and we use the latest version technology. Our aim is to not damage your own teeth nor gums. 

The fact that our teeth get darker there are many reasons like coffe, dark colored drinks, smoking, certain staining foods and medicin etc. That is why it is hard to detirmine how white they get from your first visit. Just note that this procedure only works on your own natural teeth not on crowns and composite teeth.

How whitening works?

1)Before the procedure we make sure your teeth are fixed and tooth decay is removerd to get maximum outcome.

2)After that our hygienist will choose proper technology.

3)Teeth deep cleaning with special paste.

After whitening your teeth might be a bit sensitive, it usually fades quite quickly but keep out doctor updated if anything changes. We are able to desensitize with special gel.

Procedure takes around 2 hours to complete!

We offer:

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